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Buzwair Dry Ice Services has revolutionized the way companies are cleaning in many industries. Buzwair Dry Ice Services provides exclusively dry ice cleaning in Qatar for almost all industries. Our company can provide ice blasting services for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, food, paper, automotive, printing, manufacturing, and marine industries. We have been contracted to remove such contaminants as oil, grease, adhesives, ink, dirt, dust, rust, carbon, soot, pulp, paint, food particles, water lines, mold, and cellulose insulation through our ice blasting services. The following is a partial list of items that Buzwair Dry Ice Services can execute for cleaning:

» Machine lines » Conveyor belts » Motors, engines » Air exchangers
» Packaging equipment » Presses » Carrier units » Heat exchangers
» Ceilings and walls » Ships, barges, ferries » Exterior of buildings » Central vacuum pumps (exhausters)
» Support columns » Steel beams » Overhead piping » Inside dryer cans
» Entire rooms » Framework » Ovens, freezers » Build up on outside of dryer cans
» Tanks, silos » Hoppers, bins » Fans » Ends of dryer cans for X-raying
» Filters » Control panels » Rollers » Floors
» Statues and monuments » Coater heads » Compressors » Turbines


  • No disassembly and re-assembly of equipment
  • Non-abrasive, therefore, no surface stresses are created and no change in cavity size or round corners through wear
  • No special preparation is required, e.g. masking, covering
  • Plastic, glass, rubber, steel, and concrete can all be cleaned
  • Electrical components and areas around bearings can be cleaned
  • Helps equipment run more efficient
  • Improves maintenance efforts
  • Production equipment normally dismantled and transported to a special area can be cleaned safely in place on the production floor, thereby saving substantial downtime and other resources
New Industrial Area, Street 1, Building No. 128, Zone 81
Post address: P.O. Box 319, Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 4411 4840, Fax: +974 4462 1787, Email: bdis@buzwairgases.com
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